Four students conduct surveying on the Quad.2 p.m.

Taylor Danson, Kelly Price, and Rebecca Blocker, all members of the class of 2020, cross the Quad near Skillman Library and drive a stake into the grass.

“We’re surveying,” Danson says.

It’s a land-development surveying class. Thirty students are clustered with tripods and stakes in various spots around campus, measuring and recording computations.

The class is attempting to develop a topographic map of campus.

Nearby, in front of Farinon College Center, a cluster of students drives in another set of stakes and strings a clothesline between them.

Later, the students drape the clothesline with T-shirts covered in slogans against domestic violence.

It’s “The Clothesline Project,” proclaims a posterboard sign attached to one of the poles. “For those affected by violence, it is a means of expressing their emotions by decorating a T-shirt, each shirt with its own meaning.”

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