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To The Lafayette Community:

Many colleges and universities find it helpful to undertake periodic “campus climate” surveys in order to better understand the experience of living, learning, and working on their campuses. Lafayette last conducted such a survey in 2009, and the results of that survey have informed many of our efforts to create a welcoming and productive environment for all on our campus.  I am pleased to announce that we are undertaking a new climate survey this spring.

The study process began late last fall, when our campus climate survey consultants, Demographic Perspectives, met with a range of community members – broadly representing faculty, students and staff – to discuss issues that might be included in the survey to be distributed this spring. Soon, focus groups will be held to guide the survey design, and an email inviting all faculty, students and staff to participate in the survey will be sent later this term. Analyses of the results will be conducted during the summer, with follow up presentations and conversations to occur next fall.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community that, through clear communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative atmosphere, draws upon a wide variety of perspectives and is supportive of students, faculty, and staff. Results from our 2009 survey helped guide changes in the curriculum, student services, and support for LGBTQ students, as well as some new approaches to faculty and staff mentoring, training, and support. A summary of outcomes from the 2009 survey can be found on this web page.

This new climate study will help us to see where we are successfully fostering the kind of community we seek, and where there are areas that need improvement. If you are asked to participate in a focus group I hope that you will choose to participate. When you are asked to take the survey, I encourage you to respond fully and honestly.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to this important project.

Alison R. Byerly


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