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NCUR 2018 banner imageTwenty Lafayette students presented their research findings at this year’s National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). In a five-part series, each week we’ll post an audio description by one of our students about what they shared at the conference.

Questioning China’s Energy Projects

Rebecca Wai '18 sits in the Farinon Center.Rebecca Wai ’18 discusses her research on China’s use of energy projects for political gain, which she presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Read a transcript of Wai’s description of her research.

Sorry, But I’m Not Your Mother

Maya Stine '18 stands in front of the Quad.Maya Stine ’18 discusses her research on how female birds recognize foreign eggs, which she presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Read a transcript of Stine’s description of her research.

How Foreign Direct Investment Helps Developing Countries

Iuliia Vasileva stands in front of the Quad.Iuliia Vasileva ’18, a double major in economics and international affairs, discusses her research on the economic benefits of foreign direct investment.

Read a transcript of Vasileva’s description of her research.

Why Do African Americans Have Higher Rates of Lung Cancer?

Amy Boles '18 stands in front of the Quad.Amy Boles ’18, a biology major, discusses her research on the need for precision in cancer medicines.

Read a transcript of Boles’ description of her research.

Does Nutrition Affect Bird Brains?

Khulganaa Buyannemekh '18Khulganaa Buyannemekh ’18, a double major in neuroscience and German, discusses her study on whether adding stress to zebra finches in childhood causes them to develop smaller brains.

Read a transcript of Buyannemekh’s description of her research.

Lafayette students who presented at NCUR

Rebecca Wai ’18, policy studies and economics, “Energy Projects: China’s New Diplomatic Tool”
Lysa Diarra ’18, biology and economics, “Profiling the Genetic Basis of DNA Methylation in Lung Adenocarcinoma from African American and European American Cancer Patients”
Jingchen Liu ’18, civil engineering, “The Effectiveness of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Building Projects with Alternative Project Delivery Systems in the United States”
Allison McHayle ’18, neuroscience,”Profiling the Genetic Basis of DNA Methylation in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma from African American and European American Cancer Patients”
Tomoki Sasaki ’19, religion & politics and philosophy,”Varieties of Conversion Experience: Natural, ‘Nonreligious,’ and ‘Religious'”
Colby Owen ’18, economics and civil engineering,”Effects of Rising Global Temperatures on Income Levels and Growth Rates in Rich and Poor States in the United States”
Adam Brown ’18, international affairs and economics, “An Analysis of Foreign Aid and its Effects on Capital Flight after Civil War”
Aleeza Ajmal ’18, chemical engineering,”The Effect of Mordant on Cochineal Adsorption Thermodynamics and Kinetics”
Sara Hayet ’18, government & law and women’s & gender studies,”Planned Parenthood Clinics and Activist Mobilization”
Austin Botelho ’18, international affairs and economics, “The Short End of the Stick: Income Inequality and Populist Sentiment in Europe”
Clara Randimbiarimanana ’18, anthropology & sociology and international affairs, “Tracing the Root of Malagasy Diaspora in the Americas (1790-1850)”
Maya Stine ’18, psychology and biology, “Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia Sialis) Use Color Patterning, But Not the Colors Themselves, As a Cue to Recognize Parasitic Eggs”
Oanh Doan ’18, mathematics, “Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry in Boston”
Ian Miller ’18, electrical & computer engineering and physics, “A Self-contained Distributed Sensing System for Swarm Robotics”
Amy Boles ’18, biology, “Profiling DNA Methylation of DNMTs in Normal Lung Tissues from African Americans and European Americans with Lung Cancer”
Iuliia Vasileva ’18, economics and international affairs, “The Effect of Inflation Targeting on Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries”
Khulganaa Buyannemekh ’18, neuroscience and German, “Effects of Early Life Nutritional Stress on Song and Auditory Region Size and Density in Zebra Finches of Both Sexes”
Melissa Laws ’18, neuroscience and mathematics, “Effects of Shape Perturbation on Hand Preshaping Mechanisms”
Xun Ye ’18, economics, “The Roles of SDRs in the International Monetary System: Past, Present, and Future”
Brendan McNamara ’18, economics, “Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Openness on Developing Countries in Inflation Targeting Regimes”

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