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silvia chilel martinSilvia Chilel Martin ’20
Major: Biology
Role: Volunteer coordinator
Green dream: “I feel strongly about promoting sustainable practices on campus. I encourage people to come out to LaFarm. We all eat three times a day, so why not learn a little more about food and food production? In my opinion, the most significant way you can help is by reflecting on your unsustainable habits and taking small steps to change them. How much plastic do you consume? Do the products you consume come from a sustainable place? Do you serve yourself only what you can eat?”

jane fergussonJane Fergusson ’21
Major: Mathematics and art
Role: Outreach organizer
Green dream: “I would like to see people keep an open mind and be vocal to us about the kind of change that they want to see. All too often, I think people either have a misconception about sustainability that they just harbor and never consider that it might not be completely true, or they have an idea of what they want to see, but never vocalize it. Both of these would help the College’s sustainability efforts grow faster and be much more effective.

jen giovannielloJennifer Giovanniello ’20
Major: English and environmental studies
Role: Outreach organizer and LaFarm contact
Green dream: “I’d like to see more collaboration on environmental initiatives with organizations that may not necessarily be environmental. Just because environmentalism isn’t written into your mission statement doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to find commonalities with the environmental organizations that we have on campus, so I would love to see more co-sponsorships in the future. We’re making it a goal to make other pre-existing events greener by working with the organizations hosting these events, which I think is a really promising opportunity.”

lara hendersonLara Henderson ’19
Major: Government & law and environmental studies
Role: Content creator
Green dream: “I believe that sustainable, everyday decisions on a small scale are key to spreading awareness and building momentum regarding eco-savviness and environmentalism. After being abroad and witnessing the green mentality strongly embedded in every aspect of living in Europe, I want to challenge my friends and peers to follow suit with the rest of the world and prioritize green choices wherever possible. I’d like more students to think twice about the amount of food they serve themselves at dining halls. Students throw away a shocking amount of food, which is highly wasteful and inefficient. An easy way around this would be if we could just initially take smaller portions and get more food as needed. Initiatives like Weigh the Waste are great to bringing awareness to these issues, but I’d also like to see dining halls take a stand by strongly suggesting smaller portions or incorporating signage regarding food waste into relevant areas.”

addie kingAddie King ’21
Major: Chemistry
Role: Outreach organizer and reusable bottle researcher
Green dream: “I’m excited about increasing EcoReps’ presence on campus and making even more students aware of our environmental initiatives. Specifically, at even more campus events. I’d like more people to pay attention to what they put in the recycling bins so only recyclable things (plastic, paper, cans, bottles) go into them. If even a few pieces of trash are in the recycling, then the whole bag cannot be recycled. It only takes a few seconds to separate waste.”

josh klineJosh Kline ’19
Major: Film & media studies and environmental studies
Role: Outreach organizer
Green dream: “I would like to see more students utilize some of our existing sustainable initiatives on campus to support the existing sustainability efforts. We have a lot of programs that I don’t think students use or know about. For example, our dining halls sell reusable containers for grab-and-go lunches. Skillman offers a discount if you use a reusable bottle. It is little efforts like these that can have a greater impact on our campus community.”

emma leedsEmma Leeds ’19
Major: Environmental science and Spanish
Role: Event planner
Green dream: “Little changes can make a massive difference: remembering to turn the lights off in a bathroom once you leave, taking two seconds to recycle something, decreasing your meat consumption once a week. I’d love to see how much of an impact this campus could make if students could be more conscious and aware of how their small decisions make a world of a difference with the environment.”

kyle lowKyle Low ’20
Major: Civil engineering
Role: Content creator and Terracycle researcher
Green dream: “I want to expand the school’s Terracycle Your Toiletries Program in a way that’s sustainable and to facilitate it in a way that others can get involved. I would like for people to give feedback on the College’s sustainability efforts. Also, I would like for more people to get involved, even if it’s as simple as telling a friend in LEAP [Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection] some cool environmental idea they saw on the internet or noting to others an environmental problem they’ve seen on campus or in Easton. Everything counts!”

caroline shafferCaroline Shaffer ’19
Major: Policy studies
Role: Event planning
Green dream: “I’m really excited for ECOreps to work with not environmentally oriented organizations this year. I think that the most important people to mobilize are those not involved with environmental studies or sustainable outreach. Environmental issues are very intersectional and encouraging students who may not realize or value their connection to the environment is a great way to increase awareness and involvement. I would love it if people started conversations or participated in conversations on sustainability and talked about how individuals can make a difference.”

ava shoreAva Shore ’19
Major: Engineering studies
Role: Event planner and reusable bottle researcher
Green dream: “I have learned a great deal about how to make a multitude of seemingly small changes in my daily routine that actually add up in increasing my own sustainability efforts. I want to spread those ideas beyond Lafayette’s sustainability-focused community and throughout our entire campus. Our campus is serious about increasing our sustainable efforts, both in smaller day-to-day changes and on an institutional level.”

Alexander Homsi ’19
Major: Mechanical engineering
Role: Transportation researcher
Green dream: “I’m working on implementing a bike-share program at Lafayette.”

Zoe Peerman ’20
Major: International affairs and environmental studies
Role: Volunteer coordinator
Green dream: “I’m really excited about partnering with other groups on campus so that sustainability clubs, athletics, and Greek life can work together to support the College’s sustainability efforts. I would love it if people were more aware of the waste that they are producing and shifted more toward using reusable cups/containers.”

Michael Szydelko ’20
Major: Environmental studies
Role: Videographer
Green dream: “I want to contribute to making Lafayette more environmentally sustainable, but I also want to facilitate learning for students about how they can make an impact here. There’s a lot of small things everyone can do here that would collectively result in a really significant impact for our sustainable efforts. For example, I’d like to see more people break down their boxes and recycle. We’ve placed signs over many of the trash cans at Lafayette to be helpful and make it very clear what can and cannot be recycled.”

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