“One Pard is an initiative based on the idea that one person stepping up to help another can make a world of difference, and as members of a common community, anyone can be the one to make that difference for a fellow Pard,” says Annette Diorio, vice president for campus life. “Whether walking someone home, interrupting an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, or letting someone know there is something wrong, there are dozens of ways we show up for one another every day.”

The One Pard website has information about ways members of the campus community can help one other and a list of campus resources available to support students in a variety of areas, including bias-related issues, hazing, sexual misconduct, mental health, and alcohol and other drug misuse. The site has a universal reporting form where students, faculty, and staff can share information if they think a student needs more help than they can provide.

Last week’s kickoff of One Pard included a balloon launch on the Quad (photos by Kevin Vogrin).

For more information, contact Jennifer Dize, assistant dean of students, dizej@lafayette.edu.

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