With all of the papers to write, or papers to grade, and a sense that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s easy to get trapped in the bah-humbug spirit. But Thanksgiving reminds us to slow down and take a moment to recognize all we have to be thankful for. In that very spirit of thankfulness, we asked students and faculty members: What are you grateful for at Lafayette?

Scott Kamen ‘21, engineering studies

I am grateful for the people at Lafayette. Whether it’s the forensics (speech and debate) team, orientation leaders, or the people I live with, I receive so much warmth from our community. I love walking to class or the dinning hall and just seeing so many people I know.

Friends Ndangali, visiting professor of mathematics

Since working at Lafayette, I never look at the price of gas, I just fill my tank. And for that I am super grateful.

Xiomara Capistran ‘22, International Affairs and Spanish

I am thankful to be a part of such a welcoming community with professors who are dedicated and passionate about teaching so that I can expand my learning capabilities.

Polly Piergiovanni, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering

I am grateful to teach a remarkable group of students and work with my amazing colleagues.

Paul Huang ‘19, biochemistry

I am grateful that we have a swimming pool on campus so that I can chill and have a swim with my friends once a week. Swimming is one of the greatest ways to relax myself.

Rochelle Greenidge ‘20, English and history

Pottery is a pastime I greatly enjoy. It helps me relax from the demands of school while activating my creative side and practice the virtue of patience. Through starting the pottery club, I am able to share this hobby with others, and I am really grateful for that opportunity.

Han Luo, visiting professor of foreign languages and literatures (Chinese)

I am very grateful for my wonderful students and kind colleagues at Lafayette. Here, I have met many kind people who make me feel Lafayette is my home.

Eduardo Rodriguez-Gomez ‘22, mechanical engineering

One feature of Lafayette that I absolutely love is the small class sizes. I get the chance to know my professors on a one-on-one basis, so they know my name and it’s not so intimidating to approach them and ask them for help. As a matter of fact, they’re always welcoming. Things like that really mean a lot to me. I am extremely grateful to have that here at Lafayette.

Professor Christian Tatu

Christian Tatu, coordinator of the College Writing Program

In nearly 20 years of teaching in higher ed, the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had was serving as a mentor for the 11th Lafayette New York Posse. This scholarship program recognizes student leaders from large cities across the country and brings them to the attention of prestigious colleges. Each year, Lafayette accepts groups of 10 students—Posses—from New York City and Washington, D.C. My Posse graduated in 2016. Some have gone on to graduate studies while others are working for top construction companies, Wall Street financial firms, and tech giants. I’m grateful to Lafayette for supporting these 10 amazing scholars and for allowing me to be a part of their journey.

Mia Coutinho ‘20, neuroscience

At Lafayette, I am grateful for all the support I receive from my peers. I am constantly uplifted and encouraged by my sorority sisters to be the best student and friend I can be.

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