Student has headphones on while studying.



Students discuss final projects over coffee.

9 a.m.: Hope Gernert ’19 and Taylor Kowgios ’19 sit at Mojo, sipping coffee.  They’re going to the library soon to start their day of writing. Taylor has four papers and no exams (“life of an English major”), but Hope sighs, saying that she has seven papers due as part of a writing portfolio.  


Students walking on stairs in Farinon.


A group of three students study.

10:32 a.m.:   At Upper sits a trio of friends, each working on a different task.  Devin On ’22 works on a paper while Makaila Wilson ’22 writes on. As a member of the women’s basketball team, she’s happy she only has practice two days a week.  “I don’t get time to waste,” she says, noting that if she hadn’t had practice already, she may not be studying at the moment. Koby Achempong ’22 admits he’s been focused on fantasy football.


A student studies with a Box O'Joe.


A student studies with graphs and animals drawn on the white board behind her.

10:55 a.m.:  In the basement of Skillman Library, Kaitlin Nguyen ’19 is busy studying for Extreme Animal Physiology. The bison on the whiteboard is hers; the graphs aren’t.


Students study at Skillman Library.


Farinon during finals.


A student studies with her feet up.


A student studies in front of a portrait of the late Francis A. March, professor of English at Lafayette College.



A student checks the time while studying.



Students from the baseball team study in a classroom.

A student takes a nap break from studying.

5:13 p.m.: In one of Skillman Library’s classrooms, the baseball team is staked out, partly studying, partly socializing, and partly resting.  Members have inhabited the room continuously since Sunday in order to keep their spot.


Campus at night



A student studies and uses the chalkboard behind him.

10:16 PM: Joe Illuzi ’21 works on a probability assignment, his work extending from board to board.


A student studying alone in Skillman in the middle of the night.

2:47 a.m.:Kazuki Osawa ’22 is the last one left in the Rothkopf Reading Room.  The eerie silence of the dedicated “no talking” room is overburdened by our conversation. “I could talk to myself if I really wanted to,” says Kazuki.

Students leave Skillman Library after a late night of studying.

2:59 a.m.: Adina Shrestha ’22, Daphna Fertil ’22, and Miriam Kimani ’22 finally get to go home for the night and rest.

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