In January, Gateway Career Center’s Career Tracks program provided students with an immersive career-exploration experience. Students gained exposure to potential careers across a variety of industries. They built their professional networks, developed practical skills, and had the opportunity to experience an urban environment that may help shape their future career path. Here are details about the Boston Career Track experience.

The offerings

Students chose either the financial services, life sciences, or technology/innovation track and visited and networked with companies such as Fidelity Investments, global healthcare company Novartis, the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator at Harvard Business School, ecommerce company Klaviyo, Duck Creek Technologies, and consulting firm C Space.

Why bring students here?

Lafayette College Northeast Advisory Council chair Todd Wiltshire ’86, vice president of capital markets with Fidelity, describes Boston as a “city on the rise,” referring in particular to its strength in the three Career Track areas. Furthermore, an increasing number of New England students are attending Lafayette, and the area has a strong alumni base.

On the agenda

Similar to the Lehigh Valley, students in the three tracks came together the first day to learn about Boston’s economy, personal branding, and networking. One of the most memorable experiences was a networking reception held at historic Fenway Park’s Royal Rooters Club with more than 150 people, with a presentation by Fenway’s senior vice president of operations and three of his colleagues on the ins and outs of the baseball business and running the facility.

The takeaway

During his visit to C Space, Chris Panaguiton ’19, a mathematics and economics major enrolled in the technology/innovation Career Track, was introduced to the idea of storytelling, meaning crafting a factual narrative to connect your experiences and skills during an interview. “The idea is doing that triggers emotion, attention, belief, and memorability,” he says, adding that he’ll be putting the lesson to use in his upcoming job search. Two weeks after the event, Panaguiton has already connected with everyone he met, and he hopes it leads to interviews and career opportunities.

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