By Liza Thompson ’21

As the final weeks of the fall semester draw near, it can be hard to think about anything but all the assignments and deadlines competing for our attention. But in honor of Thanksgiving, we asked students, faculty, and staff to take a moment and express something they feel grateful for at Lafayette. Here is what they shared.

Nyla Durdin ’20

“I am grateful for the relationships I have formed with my teachers and faculty since being here. In my fourth and final year at Lafayette, it has become clear that I have endless support from so many people on campus. It feels really special to know that I have my friends, past teachers, and faculty members that I can count on as well. They’ve got my back!” —Nyla Durdin ’20, international affairs


Diana Mast

“I am so grateful that every day I get to work in an environment that is so beautiful. I am so grateful for the people on this campus who work so hard every day to make our campus as beautiful as it is. I am grateful that my job allows me to help show off our beautiful campus to prospective families.” —Diana Mast, admissions, guest relations coordinator


Ren Makino ’20

“I am grateful for my professors and peers who have been so supportive while I have been writing my thesis.” —Ren Makino ’20 Asian studies and international affairs


Tristan Smith ’21

“I am really grateful for my fraternity here at Lafayette. Upon joining my fraternity my sophomore year, I have felt such a strong sense of community here. I am really thankful for Lafayette and my brothers at Lafayette.” —Tristan Smith ’21, philosophy and history


Professor Van Dyck

“I am grateful for the great relationships with my students; they give so much meaning to my life, and they are the reason that I do what I do.” —Brandon Van Dyck, assistant professor of government & law


Gabi Galetta ’21

“I am so grateful for my friends at Lafayette and how they have made it feel like home. I could not have asked for better people to surround myself with here.” —Gabi Galetta ’21, mathematics and economics


Professor Stafford

“I am grateful for wonderful colleagues and enthusiastic and smart students who allow me to do what I love.” —Katherine Stafford, assistant professor of Spanish


Maria Salmeron ’21

“I am grateful for the sense of community at Lafayette and the fact that I can walk into any space on campus and know that I will see a friendly face.” —Maria Salmeron ’21, government & law and economics


Alex Maillett ’20

“I am very grateful for my friends as well as the sense of community that is unique to Lafayette.” —Alex Maillett ’20, economics


Rachel Gershengoren ’20

“Right now I am applying to law school, so I am really grateful for all of the professors who have helped me, especially Professor Murphy, who has taken the time to edit all of my applications. I am really grateful for the extra time that Lafayette professors give to help their students.” —Rachel Gershengoren ’20, government and law


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