Joseph Shieber, associate professor of philosophy, wrote an op-ed for the journalism website Poynter, in which he shared insights about the impact of media conglomerates.Prof Joe Shieber

“The path to a healthier public sphere demands an active media ecosystem in which journalistic professionals can thrive,” Shieber writes. “Their norms include striving for objectivity, and more and more journalists understand that ‘objectivity’ doesn’t mean giving equal time to ‘both sides’ but being true to the old-fashioned goal of getting the facts right. That’s why we need to strengthen media organizations that put a premium on professional journalism and journalistic integrity.”

In the piece, Shieber outlines three steps the public can take to protect the free flow of information: encouraging elected leaders to take action, encouraging those leaders to use tools in place to break up the largest conglomerates, and supporting independent media organizations around the country.


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