Arielle Mensch

Arielle Mensch

I study: “The environmental impacts of nanomaterials and microplastics, focusing on how the chemistry of these materials may influence how they interact with or impact different biological systems.”

Why? “The chemistry of these materials may change in the environment, and those changes may alter their interactions with cells. Understanding the behavior of these materials can help us to better develop strategies to benefit from these small materials without any of the adverse consequences they may pose.”

Ready for fall: “I’ve had the opportunity to spend this summer focusing on developing strategies to teach remotely. I’ve been investigating the best way to engage and connect with students and designing lessons and laboratory activities with this in mind.”

In my (virtual) classroom: “I intend to be available for my students and do everything in my power to help students traditionally underrepresented in science succeed at Lafayette in the classroom, lab, and beyond. I also intend to continually learn and educate myself on the ways in which I can better support students in this remote environment.”

My moment of zen: “Moving to Easton from the state of Washington during a pandemic definitely presented quite a few challenges. However, the opportunity to drive across the country and see some of the national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and the Badlands) was awesome. The sights and wildlife I got to see were truly breathtaking. Taking a socially distanced selfie with a moose was definitely a silver lining!”

What I’ll love about Lafayette: “The students at Lafayette are top-notch! I know I’m going to love working with them, teaching them, and learning from them both in the classroom and the lab.”

What I like about Easton so far: “I really like the Karl Stirner Arts Trail along Bushkill Creek! Being able to be outside and enjoy a nice walk along the creek has been great!”

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  1. Aunt Gayle Comfort says:

    Hi Arielle, just Aunt Gayle. I am SO proud of what you have accomplished!!! Sooo proud of u!!!

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