Dennis Johannßen

Dennis Johannßen

I study: “New encounters of German and Jewish culture in literature, film, and philosophy.”

Why? “I am interested in narratives of return and reconciliation, changing forms of anti-Semitism, and renewed struggles over national identities and linguistic discrimination.”

Ready for fall: “In the fall semester, I hope to accommodate as many of my students’ needs and circumstances as possible while keeping their motivation up and encouraging genuine enthusiasm for the German language, transnational German-speaking cultures, and critical film and media studies.”

In my (virtual) classroom: “I emphasize respectful and open discussion practices that make learning explorative and enjoyable. In the German program, we host weekly informal gatherings that allow students to speak about their experience more broadly, and we are planning to announce a cabaret evening for students to share musical, theatrical, and poetic performances.”

Moment of zen: “My son’s laughter, evolving words, and joyful disposition break through even the most daunting events, bringing larger transformations, hopes, and challenges into view.”

What I’ll love about Lafayette:One of the many things I like about Lafayette is the openness of colleagues and students toward interdisciplinary projects across various departments, fields, and methodologies. Everybody is curious about what other people are doing, and always in search of establishing new connections.”

What I like about Easton:I enjoy running in the hills, taking walks on the arts trail, and eating the fresh produce from LaFarm. Above all, I appreciate the respectful and supportive communities of friends and colleagues on College Hill.”

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