Mark E. Mancuso

Mark E. Mancuso

I study: “The intersection of functional analysis, operator theory, and complex analysis.”

Why? “Specifically, I work in noncommutative function theory. A creation largely of the 21st century, noncommutative function theory, or free analysis, attempts to solve difficult open problems that are classically commutative in nature by reframing them in the noncommutative setting.”

My moment of zen: “Stepping onto Lafayette’s beautiful campus for the first time made it clear why I worked so many long nights in graduate school. I won’t be forgetting those feelings for quite some time.”

What I love about Lafayette: “I love being a part of such a wonderful department. My colleagues in mathematics are dedicated educators and scholars, and they have been incredibly supportive during my transition into the department.”

What I like about Easton: “Easton offers a wonderful combination of city amenities, college town charm, and nature. There are also several quality coffee shops near campus.”

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