Matthew Andler

Matthew Andler

I study: “We categorize individuals as seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen; as scientists, journalists, and athletes; as queer and straight. My research focuses on the ways in which we actually—and especially the ways in which we ought to—socially categorize individuals with respect to gender and sexuality. Currently, I’m working on a series of papers about masculinity. I’m especially interested in the very possibility of what might be called revisionary projects in masculinity, which—recognizing that masculinity is a source of value for many individuals—aim to create healthy, prosocial ways of being masculine.”

Why? “How we socially categorize individuals significantly affects the distribution of material resources, career and life prospects, health, and well-being. Our current practices are far from ideal. But they can be changed.”

My moment of zen: “I’ve spent a lot of time riding my bike around Easton. A few days ago, I took a shortcut through a field, and about a half dozen groundhogs scurried away into some tall grass. They were so serious!”

What I’ll love about Lafayette: “There’s a distinctive sense of intellectual community here at Lafayette. I’m really excited to collaborate with faculty and students across the College.”

What I like about Easton so far: “The groundhogs!”

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