Wendy Hill

Wendy Hill

Fall course: Introduction to Neuroscience

About my work: “I study the intersection between neuroscience and educational practices and policies. I focus on how neuroscience research can be used to make data-informed decisions about teaching methods and educational policies. I am also interested in understanding and fostering the most effective ways to advance inclusive excellence in the STEM fields. My work explores the curricular and research approaches, mentoring and advising programs, and policies and practices that promote a dynamic and vibrant STEM program for all.”

My moment of zen: My daughter and I have always loved discovering new recipes to try, but we never seemed to have the time to actually make these culinary dishes—it was what might be called ‘wishful eating.’ Thanks to being at home more we have found the time to cook a number of new recipes which, in addition to being a wonderful way to spend time together, has broadened our culinary repertoire!”

Why I’ll love being back at Lafayette: I’m delighted to be returning to Lafayette this year and to the classroom—even a remote one! I have always found teaching Lafayette students immensely rewarding and engaging, grounding me in a core of our academic work and demonstrating the enormous power, sense of academic adventure, and, frankly, hopefulness of intellectual inquiry and imagination. I am very much looking forward to playing a role in fostering my students’ curiosity and knowledge about neuroscience and of themselves.”

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