March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity to recognize the contributions and achievements of mentors, leaders, scholars, and trailblazers. In celebration of this occasion, we asked students to share how role models at Lafayette have made an impact on their lives during their Lafayette history.

If this sparks your own memories of a role model who has been a valuable part of your own history at Lafayette, please share your comments below.

3 separate photos: Kelsey Moum, smiling; Mary Armstrong, smiling; Alex Hendrickson, speaking while wearing a graduation gown and red sash.

Kelsey Moum ’21 (left) feels inspired by Professor Mary Armstrong (center), and Rev. Dr. Alex Hendrickson (right).

“During my time at Lafayette, so much of my personal growth has been mentored by Dr. Mary Armstrong and Rev. Dr. Alex Hendrickson. While Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Hendrickson occupy somewhat different areas of campus, I feel as though so much of what makes Lafayette special and wonderful can be attributed to their work. Their ability to balance progressive action with the appreciation of the present has inspired me greatly and has been such a privilege to witness. I feel so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with women at Lafayette who exhibit the strength, brilliance, and empathy that I hope I can emulate in my future.” –Kelsey Moum ’21


Two photos: Savanna Touré ’21 , smiling; Khadjiah Mitchell, smiling in a lab coat.

Savanna Touré ’21 (left) feels inspired by Professor Khadjiah Mitchell (right).

“Dr. [Khadijah] Mitchell is someone I always look up to, and she has motivated me through each challenge that I’ve encountered. She embodies what it means to be a true leader, icon, and inspiration to our community and beyond. My fondest memory of Dr. Mitchell includes our long hours conducting research, early mornings practicing presentations, and our comfort talks that bring me joy. Her resilience, dependence, and determination have pushed me to pursue higher education. She continues to see the problem and find a solution, instead of contemplating the journey.”  –Savanna Touré ’21


Libby Mayer ’22, smiles while holding balloons that say T B T N; Ella Goodwin '21, headshot,

Libby Mayer ’22 (left), feels inspired by Ella Goodwin ’21 (right).

Ella Goodwin ’21 has truly impacted our campus in a deep and powerful way. She has dedicated endless time and energy to combating sexual assault on our campus. Ella is an empowering and empathetic leader and inspires those around her to rise to the occasion. PASA has evolved immensely since she first joined as a first-year, and she has not only helped to shape this group, but also the entire campus community.”  –Libby Mayer ’22


Two separate photos: Jacklyn Fein, headshot, smiling; Susan Averett, smiling

Jacklyn Fein ’21 (left) feels inspired by Professor Susan Averett (right).

“Professor [Susan] Averett has been the most influential academic figure for me at Lafayette. She helped me through a transition in my major, navigating the economics department, and teaching a wonderful class. I would not be the student that I am today without her. I am so grateful for all of her hard work and guidance.”  –Jacklyn Fein ’21


Two photos; EJ Stephens, headshot, smiling; Sherryta Freeman, smiling and talking, with her arms extended out.

E.J. Stephens ’21 (left) feels inspired by Sherryta Freeman, Director of Athletics (right).

Sherryta Freeman has been an inspiration and a positive impact in my life. Seeing that we have a Black female athletic director shows me that you can overcome inequality in this nation through hard work and determination. Her leadership at our College has been top tier!  An amazing person who is a joy to be around, she will definitely leave her mark on Lafayette.”  –E.J. Stephens ’21


Two photos: Sasha Neefe, smiling; Lindsay Soh, measuring liquid in a beaker, while wearing safety glasses.

Sasha Neefe ’21 (left) feels inspired by Professor Lindsay Soh (right).

“Professor [Lindsay] Soh has been an inspiration of mine since XLC day in 2017, when she passionately explained her environmental engineering research to me. She is incredibly dedicated to her work and her students, cultivating a collaborative and challenging environment within her research groups and even continuing to support me as a research student while she was on maternity leave. Her impact on the Chemical Engineering Department at Lafayette is substantial, as she has brought the perspective of sustainable engineering to our coursework, allowing Lafayette to graduate engineers who are environmentally conscious as they step out into the workforce to spread a mindful influence across chemical processes everywhere.”  –Sasha Neefe ’21


Two photos: Fatimata Cham, smiling; Savanna Toure, smiling.

Fatimata Cham ’23 (left), feels inspired by Savanna Touré ’21 (right).

“I am inspired by Savanna Touré ’21. She is dedicated to not only making the campus a better place but the most outside community a better place. As a sophomore she had really uplifted and mentored me to become a better leader on campus.”  –Fatimata Cham ’23


Two photos: Oscar Estrella ’21, smiling; Professor Kira Lawrence, smiling

Oscar Estrella ’21 (left) feels inspired by Professor Kira Lawrence (right).

“The women faculty at Lafayette College have played an integral role in crafting my way of thinking over the past four years I’ve spent here. One woman in particular, [Professor] Kira Lawrence, was a phenomenal instructor who taught me the importance of advocating for policy centered around science, especially when it comes to the topic of climate change. I loved her passion for teaching and message of positive change for the future! As a mentor, she always supported me in my academic adventures, and I will forever be grateful for that.” Oscar Estrella ’21


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  1. MD Ray says:

    Congratulations to all of you brilliant young women! The world needs more like you!

    MD Ray

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    Congratulations! Truly inspiring!

  3. Linda Hardy says:

    Congratulations to all these impressive women and especially to my granddaughter Ella Goodwin. I am very proud of her.

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