By Stella Katsipoutis-Varkanis

In early March, Lafayette’s Recreation Services department hosted the Holi Hai Dance Party, a two-hour instructor-led marathon that blended Zumba- and BollyX-inspired dance moves. The twist: The 82 participating students decked themselves out with glow sticks, black light powder, LED foam batons, and masks as they headed out to the Anderson Courtyard for the 9 p.m. glow-in-the-dark bash. Max Huang ’21 shares his photos of the night’s festivities below.

The event was one of three Thursday Night Lights events being held this spring—a series of nighttime celebrations aimed at engaging students in safe, fun, and physical distance–friendly outdoor activities. Plus, it gave students a much-needed retreat from feelings of stress and isolation during the pandemic.

“As it can be quite difficult to find ways to safely engage with one’s peers during COVID, the provision of a structured program allows for a large number of students to come together (at least six feet apart, of course) and congregate with a sense of community that is hard to obtain via Zoom,” says Steve Kinsey, assistant director for organized sports. “We believe this to be particularly important for our first-year students.”

All Lafayette students are welcome to join in on the fun at the next two Thursday Night Lights events being held this semester: the Lawn Game Carnival on April 1, and the Katniss By Night archery tag event on April 15.


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