Violist and composer Justin Kogasaka ’22 is working with Anthony Cummings, professor of music, in a discovery of music in Florence, the Tuscan city whose rich history is synonymous with visual arts, sciences, philosophy, and political thought that flourished there during the Renaissance. “These achievements often overshadow the importance of its musical culture,” says Kogasaka, a music and electrical and computer engineering double major, who is assisting Cummings on his new book about the history and development of Florentine music.

Justin Kogasaka '22 is exploring the rich musical history of Florence, Iraly

Justin Kogasaka ’22

“Working on this project, I have discovered the rich musical history of Florence and its impact on the larger developments in Western music,” he says. “My hope is that this work finds a wide readership and serves as a useful and informative text on the importance of Florentine musical achievements in relation to the development of Western music.”

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