Government & Law major Lauren Krock ’22, an EXCEL Scholar research assistant for Prof. Joshua Miller, first worked with Miller on co-organizing and leading a 2020 webinar series on racial injustice. Her current research focuses on helping Miller write his upcoming book, Fashion As a Democratic Action, which explores how fashion can be made political. Krock, who is entering law school in 2022, believes fashion is often overlooked as a political tool.

Lauren Krock '22 Government & Law major and EXCEL Scholar

Lauren Krock ’22

“What a person wears, how they conduct themselves, how beautiful they are perceived to be—these things have all become so politicized. Fashion establishes political and class boundaries—yet, people fail to realize it. It can bring people together, yet it can also divide — by class, race, gender, political party, sexuality, and more,” says Krock.

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