Computer Science major and EXCEL Scholar Amanuel Zewge ’22 understands that diagnosing dyslexia earlier in life would make it easier for those who suffer from reading impairments to seek the appropriate help. That’s why when he was referred to work with Prof. Lisa Gabel on a research program to understand the link between reading ability, maze-solving performance, and genetics in order to better understand the way children with reading impairments learn, he jumped at the opportunity to help—by using his video game design skills.

Lisa Gabel with Nicole Toumanios and Amanuel Zewge at a table looking at research documents

Prof. Lisa Gabel is mentoring Nicole Toumanios ’23 and Amanuel Zewge ’22.

“We’re using a series of video games to test the responses of participants. I’m working on developing a video game and analyzing the data collected from it,” says Zewge, who may look forward to a career in research as a result. “With early intervention, these individuals could grow up to never show a reading deficit.”

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