By Bryan Hay

The Lafayette College Store is fully stocked and ready to welcome students and staff for the fall semester.

“We’re a one-stop shop for all your needs this semester—health and beauty aids, dorm supplies, school supplies, Leopard gear, ATM, fresh coffee, grab-n-go food offerings, fresh flowers, home goods, electronic and phone accessories,” says McKenzie Baldorossi, assistant manager-merchandising.

In addition to its popular brands—Nike, Champion, League, Legacy, and Ouray—the store has brought in Peter Millar and Cutter & Buck. New designs from Vineyard Vines are arriving this month as well.

“We have a wide variety of styles and brands to show Pard pride this fall,” says Baldorossi, noting that College Color Day on Sept. 3 is right around the corner.

Whenever Lafayette wins a football game this season, the store will offer a 15% discount the Monday after. In its opening game of the season, the team will face Air Force in Colorado Springs on Sept. 4 at noon Mountain Time (2 p.m. EST).

The store’s partnership with Easton-area businesses continues with products from Bloomie’s by Lille Syster, Owowcow Creamery, Easton Baking Co., Pastificio 601, Sweet Girlz Bakery, Chocodiem, and Mercantile Home.

Starting Aug. 30, store hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The store has a bring-your-own-bag policy. Reusable bags are available for purchase.

Additions and renovations

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