Rachel Goshgarian smiles

Rachel Goshgarian

Rachel Goshgarian, associate professor of history, shared insights on “All Things Armenian,” a podcast produced by the Armenian Studies Program at California State University Fresno.

Goshgarian, an Armenian historian, discussed her scholarship as a medievalist, her travels to Turkey to study and preserve Armenian cultural heritage, and her new position as Reviews and Reconsiderations editor of the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies.

“We’re taught all the time that history, the past, is a foreign place,” Goshgarian shared during the interview. “But one of the things that I always find interesting is that the past may be a foreign place, but human beings are discernible. Human beings and their responses to things, however different their environments may be, we can still ask kind of similar questions about their quotidian lives, right? So how did they live on the day to day? How did they understand their own identity? How did they understand the identities of people sitting across from them?”


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