Abigail Mann

I study:My areas of focus are health psychology, community psychology, and gender and sexuality. I study the ways in which stigma affects access to care, particularly for folks who identify as sexual and/or gender minority (a.k.a. LGBTQ+). I am also an expert in quantitative and qualitative research methods, which I’ve taught several courses on to students in a range of programs including undergraduates in psychology, public health graduate students, community psychology graduate students, and resident physicians.” 

Why: “I’m passionate about conducting and involving students in research that has an impact on social problems. Working with community stakeholders to identify health issues that affect their communities, then designing and implementing research projects to address those issues can be a very rewarding process. When you’re able to identify a problem and work with communities to improve their well-being, you can see the outcomes of your research right in front of you.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Health Psychology and Psychology of Gender” 

What students can expect from me: “Students can expect to explore a topic of personal interest to them over the course of the semester, to be surprised by research findings related to their everyday lives, and to see and think about their social worlds and communities (at least a little) differently after taking a class with me.”

I’m excited to be here because: “I am thrilled to be back in eastern Pennsylvania (I am originally from the Philadelphia area) and to be on a campus where students are so engaged with their coursework, actively contributing to their own campus communities, and excited about getting involved with research.”

Getting to know me: “I love running outside in (almost) any weather, getting outside for a hike or camping trip with my family, and enjoying live music.”

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