Douglas de Toledo Piza

I study: “I study migration, diaspora, and borders. More specifically, I have focused on the role of overseas Chinese diaspora agencies and native-place associations in supporting both migration plans and socioeconomic integration in low-income markets in South America. My other lines of inquiry include climate mobilities, mixed flows in Central America, U.S. immigration reform, and refugee resettlement in the U.S.”   

Why: “My interest in these areas of study comes from my longstanding commitment to migrant justice activism and the value of diversity. I later became a migrant myself, though I am privileged to have migrated with support systems associated with my educational and professional background.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Globalization and Its Critics, and Global Migration”

What students can expect from me: “Students can expect an instructor who strives to make the classroom a brave space of mutual teaching where everyone contributes something to our learning outcomes.”

I’m excited to be here because: “One of the aspects that excites me the most about joining Lafayette is how open students, faculty, and staff are to creatively pursuing interdisciplinary projects across departments, fields, and methodologies, often from a social justice perspective. I know students are very inspired by that and are doing amazing work that has had a very positive impact on the community. I am looking forward to meeting my students and getting to know the international affairs majors.”

Getting to know me: “I like cooking and reading about cuisines, and have a deep interest in seeing, through the lens of food, the many layers of historical waves of globalization and the current calls for social justice.”

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