Lanre Akinyem sits on a bench outside Pardee

I study: “My interest is applied mathematics, which are classified as: fractional differential equations and their applications, mathematical modeling of flow in porous media, numerical and analytical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, soliton theory and its applications, mathematical biology, and physics.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Calculus I”

I’m excited to be here because: “I enjoy the small-town vibe and the fact that there is so much more room and greenery here. Lafayette also offers a welcoming and helpful environment.”

What students can expect from me: “The creation of an open learning environment that encourages questions, comments, and participation.”

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Lafayette offers unusual breadth in its mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics offerings. We provide depth and rigor for students pursuing one of our three major programs, and rich and rewarding electives for students interested in mathematics and statistics at any level.

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