Nara Almeida

My background: “I have years of professional experience as an architect. As a LEED green associate with an MBA in construction management, my research interests are sustainable buildings and practices also involving project and construction management green strategies. Over the past few years, I worked on several research projects related to previous concrete pavements, which led to publications in conferences and journals, including the Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering Science, Journal of Cold Regions Engineering, among others.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Green Buildings, Project Management, and Civil Engineering Land Development-Surveying Lab”

What students can expect from me: “I consider myself a very passionate and committed person, and as a professor, I do my best to make sure that the students are as excited as I am about each topic discussed in class. Creative and hands-on projects will be part of the semester.”

I’m excited to be here because: “I am very excited to teach at Lafayette College, mainly because of its mission and values of sustainability, inclusion, and engagement. I understand diversity as a benefit to any organization, and, as a woman from Latin America, I feel very welcome and comfortable to be part of this community.”

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil engineers are stewards of our natural resources and—using sustainable and ethical practices—design, construct, maintain, and improve the facilities, services, and systems that support modern society.

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