Will Grodzicki smilesI study:My area of study is representation theory. I am particularly interested in applications of representation theory to the field of number theory. Much more specifically, I am interested in the representation theory of p-adic algebraic groups and applications to automorphic forms.”

Why: “As an undergraduate, I thought it was really cool that you needed calculus to show that there are infinitely many prime numbers in the sequence 5, 28, 51, 74, 97, … Answering these types of questions about the structure of numbers (i.e., number theory) often requires mathematical techniques from seemingly unrelated fields, and I still think that is really interesting. Currently, I am trying to understand how to use ‘flat ice’ models, which were originally used in physics, to answer number theoretic questions (broadly speaking).”

This fall I’m teaching:Calculus I and Linear Algebra with Applications”

What students can expect from me: Students should expect to take an active role in their own learning each day in class. Class will feature a lot of group work, so students will have a great opportunity to get to know their classmates, and they’ll naturally become skilled at learning from and teaching their peers. This should be especially nice after so much virtual learning.”

I’m excited to be here because:I’m excited to meet the students and my colleagues. My Calculus I classes will primarily feature first-year students, and my Linear Algebra class is mostly made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, so I’m looking forward to getting to know students at all stages of their Lafayette journey.”

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