Photography by Adam Atkinson

To kick off the fall semester, the Counseling Center and LaFarm co-hosted their annual Thrive on the Quad. The event’s goal is to help students learn practical strategies to nurture personal growth and cultivate a positive college experience.

Thrive centers around eight different areas that support emotional health: gratitude, mindfulness, self-compassion, growth mindset, connection, digital detox, sleep, and exercise. Activity stations gave students the opportunity to learn more about each of these eight areas and how they impact students’ well-being. Students were also invited to able to plant a plant that they could take home. Connecting with nature can help spark feelings of calmness and joy, and the act of caring for a living thing can also remind students of the importance of caring for themselves.

Thrive also enables students to become familiar with Counseling Center staff and learn about the resources that are here to support students.

Photographs were taken in accordance with COVID-19 campus protocols at the time the images were taken.


Supporting Students' Well-being

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Counseling provides students with opportunities to generate new perspectives, try out new behaviors and attitudes, and develop greater self-understanding. Our counselors are committed to supporting all students and recognize that emotional well-being is vital to student success both inside and outside of the classroom.

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