Chris Ruebeck

Christopher Ruebeck

Christopher Ruebeck, associate professor of economics, spoke with WLVR-FM, the Lehigh Valley’s NPR affiliate, about the labor shortages happening across the country.

He explained that some people leave the workforce to care for loved ones now at home. Others are reassessing what work means.

“It’s not just people making a choice. It’s also people being constrained by demands on their time, either from the elderly that they may be taking care of or even the children that they may be taking care of,” said Ruebeck. “All of that adds up, though, to people thinking twice about what it means to work and what kinds of jobs they’re looking for.”

Ruebeck says the extra unemployment money allows people to be more circumspect with their job searches.

“Just the fact that they’re looking longer, for either the pay or the workplace feeling that they’re looking for. That right away means there’s going to be a little more friction in the system,” said Ruebeck.

Listen to the segment.

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