John Kincaid poses in front of bookshelf

John Kincaid

John Kincaid, Robert B. and Helen S. Meyner Professor of Government and Public Service,  spoke with The Morning Call about how the polarization of our politics and parties has increased expected voter turnout in upcoming local school board elections.

“I think the slight increase in turnout [in the primary] is due to the fact that the polarization of our politics and parties is now seeping into local dialogue,” Kincaid told the newspaper. “And we’re now seeing more and more signs of this polarization seeping into municipal and school board elections, and I think we’re seeing that in spades with this election because of COVID, critical race theory, and the other issues.

“These are also national issues that trigger people’s feelings of polarization,” he said. “And so, the parties in that sense are coming back into these local spring elections and through polarization that’s going to help to increase voter turnout.”

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