The Chronicle of Higher Education shared Lafayette College’s announcement that it is taking steps to improve access to its education.

Applicants for the 2022-23 academic year who attend high schools at which 75% or more of students qualify for free or reduced lunch are no longer required to complete what some scholars and community-based organizations have called “the most onerous form in college admissions” in order to receive financial aid.

“This is really about knocking out barriers,” President Nicole Farmer Hurd told The Chronicle. “In higher education, we put up a lot of barriers that are unnecessary.”

In the article, Hurd describes the new policy and why she thinks it’s important for college leaders to scrutinize their financial-aid requirements.

The College also announced another change to its financial aid approach: Applicants for the 2022-23 academic year from families with total family incomes of up to $150,000 and typical assets for families in this income group will have their financial need met through grants and work-study, without any loans.

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