By Shannon Sigafoos

On a bright and chilly winter morning, a group of Lafayette students arrive at campus and make the short 1.5-mile trek up Northampton Street to Paxinosa Elementary School. There, they unpack Ziploc bags filled with a concoction that every child, big and small, is familiar with: the sticky, stretchy, colorful, somewhat pungent science experiment we call slime.

The ingredients for the gooey DIY substance are part of what brought the Lafayette students to the elementary classroom that day. As part of Landis Center for Community Engagement’s Connected Classrooms initiative, visits like this—Lafayette students stepping into third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms at both Paxinosa and Cheston Elementary schools to teach science curriculum all semester long—contained equal parts education and fun, adding up to a recipe for success for both Lafayette College and the Easton Area School District.

The Landis Center’s team has long been coordinating the Connected Classrooms program, which helps promote college and community awareness while exposing students to career explorations and breaking down barriers to success. Although traditionally the elementary students make a trip to the Lafayette campus, during the fall semester, Lafayette students had the opportunity to meet Paxinosa and Cheston students on their own turf.

“As we strive to build community, it is important to not only consider our campus, but the greater Easton community as well. I have always advocated for educating beyond the classroom,” shares Art Kney, director of the Landis Center for Community Engagement. “Connected Classrooms is an easy way to provide creative learning opportunities for our students.  At the same time it supports Easton Area School District in its educational mission and is a great opportunity for all of us to learn about each other.”

Learn about each course that was taught this past fall, along with feedback from both Lafayette professors and students.

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