On Nov. 6, 2021, J. Larry Stockton directed his final Percussion Ensemble performance, which had current students as well as alumni from over the years join him on stage. Together they jammed on drums, ranging from traditional djembes to household utensils, and presented pieces written and arranged by Stockton from his 45 year career at the College, 30 of which he served as head of the music department.

This video attempts to capture a moment of his work and impact on the lives of many.

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  1. Harold Young says:

    Hi Larry;
    Congratulations on a long and highly successful career.
    Best wishes for a similar retirement.
    Harold W. Young

  2. Dave Gurniak '81 says:

    I sort of remember some interesting arrangements to Beatle’s tunes? 🙂 Thanks Dr. Stockton for your support to Lafayette’s Music programs! Math must be off as it can’t possibly be 45+ years since I joined the band(s) as a freshman. 🙂

  3. Larry Stockton says:

    It’s great to hear from everyone! Thanks very much for your kind words and the wonderful memories that you all helped to create. I’d love to reconnect.

  4. Stephen Brunnquell says:

    Wow! What a career!
    If I am not mistaken, my senior year was his first year at Lafayette. We had moved on from maroon blazers and gray flannels to real band uniforms by the time you arrived. Great memories. Many thanks for all you did for multiple generations of Lafayette musicians.

    Steve Brunnquell,MD ‘77

  5. Richard Leatherman Class of '79 says:

    Well done, Dr. Stockton! Anyone care for tales of when “JLars” first came to Lafayette? There are a few of us still around who experienced him as a Marching and Concert Band director as well as professor. He was very dynamic and energetic (and a bit wacky back in the day).

  6. Anne Hetrick Gravenstede ‘86 says:

    Thank you Dr. Stockton for sharing your talents, wisdom, and love of percussion with myself and countless other Lafayette students and alumni. There are many memories of band trips, Lehigh games, and newsletters lovingly crafted and copied before software and the internet. Best wishes for a long happy retirement, well deserved! I hope it includes a trip here to Rochester to see some good Eastman School percussion!

    Z Squad forever!!

  7. Alex Cutrone, '13 says:

    I had the amazing experience of getting to work with Doc Stock for my four years at Lafayette, taking courses he taught in Japanese and African music and spending time with the Percussion Ensemble. What an incredible educator, musician, and friend!

  8. Doug Weitzel, '85 says:

    I know Dr. Stockton has made indelible impressions on many students over the years because I was one of those students. His Non-Western Music course permanently opened my mind to musical concepts and forms I might not have otherwise experienced. Many years later, I still clearly recall the things I learned from him and have applied them countless times when exploring and producing music in those genres. Congratulations and best wishes, Dr. Stockton, and know that you’ve left your mark on the world.

  9. Stephen Parahus says:

    You never know the impact the things you say will have on people. Your Introduction to Opera class in – I don’t even remember … fall 1983? – had us listening to opera excerpts on LP records. You rhapsodized about the women’s trio at the end of Der Rosenkavalier – among the most astounding, beautiful, and moving passages in all opera. I’m sure you played it at least twice … and in the process set off for me what has become four decades of love for that opera, for Strauss, and for opera in general. For that I will always be grateful to you. Congratulations, Dr. Stockton, on 45 years at Lafayette, and best wishes for a long, happy, healthy retirement.

  10. Chesla Wechsler says:

    Anytime I hear one of several songs with just a few measures here and there in a different time signature, I think back to my wholly enjoyable music class 37 years ago. Congrats, Dr. Stockton!

  11. Diane Coker says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to seeing Larry Stockton’s Percussion Ensemble performances over the years and am really going to miss not seeing him on stage.
    I wish you good health and happiness in your retirement years.

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