WFMZ-TV interviewed Paul Barclay, professor and head of history at Lafayette, regarding a graphic image published by The New York Times showing Ukrainian victims of a Russian attack. The image prompted a public conversation about journalists’ need to illustrate the reality of war.

“The only problem I have with war photographs is that there is never going to be enough of them,” said Barclay, who has taught a first-year seminar on the history of photography at the College. ‚ÄúSince the Vietnam War we’ve been looking at horrific colorful images of war in places we don’t know a lot about, and those images move us, they inform us, and sometimes they confuse us.”

Watch the news segment.

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  1. Jeff Ruthizer '62 says:

    Spot on Prof. Barclay. If only those photos could be plastered all over Russia so the misinformed could learn the truth about their criminal leader Putin and the Ukrainian slaughter. Sadly, their censorship will never allow that to happen.

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