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Lafayette Activities Forum (LAF) received the Student Organization of the Year Award


By Madeline Marriott ’24

On May 4, Campus Life honored 25 students, faculty, staff, student organizations, and events as recipients of the 2022 Aaron O. Hoff Awards in a ceremony at Colton Chapel. The awards remember Aaron O. Hoff, Class of 1836, Lafayette’s first African American student, and honor his spirit of leadership and his ties to community. 

Award recipients receive the honor based on their outstanding leadership and contributions to Lafayette and beyond. Individuals are nominated by members of the Lafayette community. Winners are then chosen by a committee of students and administrators. The awards are given in four categories—Change Agents, Community Builders, Educators, and Highest Honors. 



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Edward Santos ’22 received the Frances Ocansey-Ahene Spirit of Multiculturalism Award, which recognizes an upper-level student whose commitment to academic excellence and inclusive leadership within the community transcends all barriers and exemplifies the ethos of multiculturalism at Lafayette College. A first generation student of color, Santos uses his many leadership positions on campus to promote cross-cultural discussion and education, particularly for the Latinx community.







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Edward Cheney ’23 received the Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes students who demonstrate considerable leadership potential and have made an impressive transition from exploring to taking the lead toward meaningful change. Cheney has worked with Engineers Without Borders to build a skatepark and inspires others with his passion for service. 

Lafayette for Reproductive Autonomy, Justice, and Empowerment (L-RAJE) received the Marquis Organization Award, which recognizes exemplary leadership by a student organization or group of students that has influenced the behaviors, actions, or opinions of others toward a common goal or purpose. L-RAJE has held events such as the “Know Your Rights” discussion for members of the Lafayette community and successfully lobbied for free menstrual products in campus restrooms.



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