Below is a selection of special moments captured at Commencement, which was held on the Quad on May 21. You can see full coverage of the event here.

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Commencement & celebration




Lafayette honors the talented Class of 2022

Special events and features celebrate this year's seniors

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  1. timeless aesthetics says:

    thanks, Lafayette! for sharing this is a most important day for every person who celebrates with our family.

  2. elisa hirsch says:

    i am just curious why there was not a tent for the seniors. there was plenty of notice that the weather was going to in the 90s. the faculty had a tent but not the graduates? this was not right. the kids were drenched in sweat and exposed to direct sunlight for three hours. when it is 90
    degrees/ the speeches should be cut down 50 perfect. the library was full of parents and there was not even a live feed for us to watch. very disappointing- especially when you are with elderly grandparents. lafayette can do much better. so disappointing

  3. Lawanda Tanner says:

    It was beyond hot that day. It was happy to see how much thought Lafayette put into having refreshments. I really appreciated that. It was a long and hot day and we were able to cool off inside the building and have a snack. Awesome celebration.

  4. Marta Longo says:

    Wonderful celebration! Thank you Lafayette!

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