Michael Feola

Michael Feola

Michael Feola, associate professor of government and law, recently shared insights in both The Washington Post and Shout Out U.K.’s “Media Minded” podcast about how the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ led to the mass shooting in Buffalo that killed ten people.

Feola, a political theorist and author, wrote an analysis for The Washington Post in which he shares that ignoring this narrative of the Theory would obscure how it feeds and amplifies networks of white extremist violence.

Shout Out U.K. is a British organization dedicated to media literacy that explicitly addresses the contemporary spread of conspiracy theories.

In the podcast, Feola discusses the origins of the Great Replacement Theory and how such hate-infused falsehoods have been injected into public discourse.

“The Great Replacement is largely a narrative and a conspiracy theory that tries to explain population change in Europe and North America. They’re trying to say that we’re seeing a process of replacement—a process where white majorities are being replaced by non-whites. At the heart of this narrative is a further insistence that this process of replacement is not happening by accident. It has been designed, deliberate, and intentionally engineered by a broad set of elite policy decisions.”

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