Camille Voo '26 is pictured outside on the Quad. She is sitting on a chair and wearing a blue t-shirt.

Camille Voo ’26 is majoring in engineering and math.

What excites you most about Lafayette?

Meeting new people who will inspire me in different ways. Lafayette is in the city of Easton, but has students from all over the United States and the world. There will be so many unique individuals who have unlimited potential and assets that I do not have. Easton Area High School was relatively large with crowded classrooms. Lafayette’s small student-professor ratio will allow me to build a friendly and cooperative relationship with other students and professors. Being selected as one of the Creative and Performing Arts Scholars will also allow me to pursue an engineering major while exploring the music community. I feel very much obliged and honored to present as a good role model for students of Easton Area High School who plan to apply to Lafayette in the future, paving a solid road ahead for them as well.

What was your impression of Lafayette when you first visited?

It is a college with a beautiful campus, excellent reputation, and a selective student body. Every student here has an opportunity to reach out to teachers if they need help or have any questions. Flexible office hours enable students to feel comfortable. I was impressed by how friendly the staff and students are, which is proof that they enjoy working and learning at Lafayette. Seeing the video that was made of me being awarded the scholarship made me feel recognized as an individual and made me feel like I am already a part of Lafayette’s family. 

Have you ever been on Lafayette’s campus before?

I have visited Lafayette many times before. I have attended many concerts and performance series Lafayette has offered in the past six to seven years. I got to experience a wide range of art from all over the world such as a jazz piano concert by Hiromi, Nobuyki Tsuji’s concert with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra as well as Gagaku (traditional imperial court music and dances established in the 10th century/Heian Period in Japan). I got to have an up-close interaction with world-class performers, even receiving photos with them and signatures.This was great luck I would not even have received in Japan!

What clubs and activities are you interested in?

Lafayette has many students with diverse backgrounds, so I am looking forward to joining the chamber orchestra and ensembles and collaborating with different and unique individuals. I would like to pursue my love for violin by taking private lessons and joining the orchestra. Additionally, I am interested in finding out more about the American Community of Engineering and the Asian Cultural Association. Since my parents came to this country as international students, I grew up listening to how rewarding yet challenging their lives were. This makes me eager to meet people in the International Students Association so that I can learn from them as well. 

What is your major?

I intend to major in engineering and mathematics for now. I love to challenge myself and explore the unknown, which is why I chose engineering. It requires critical thinking and analysis, as well as mathematical and scientific backgrounds. Engineering knowledge/skills are very applicable in various industries, which can have a great impact on the real society and world. 

What are you hoping to pursue after college? 

I would like to work as an engineer in an industry, but I have not decided which field of engineering yet. I am leaning toward civil engineering due to my interest in the environment. Past successful projects such as Svart Hotel (the first energy-positive hotel ever built) and Green Buildings Initiative around the world have inspired me to become an engineer who will solve environmental and health problems. My goal is to aim for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building, better living, and a sustainable future. 

What other schools did you consider? 

Since I have deep roots in Japan, where I spent every summer attending local schools there growing up, I was considering Japanese universities and colleges, some of which I applied to and was accepted. They are all well-acclaimed schools, but I chose Lafayette because of its easy access to two metropolitan cities, New York and Philadelphia. This location presents immense and extensive opportunities both inside and outside the College, not to mention there are many cultural/industrial headquarters in these areas.

Watch Lafayette College President Nicole Farmer Hurd surprise Camille at Easton Area High School last spring.

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