Neha Vora, professor of anthropology

Research area: Vora’s research interests include citizenship and belonging, South Asian diasporas, gender and ethnicity, neoliberalism, states, migration, transnationalism, the Gulf Arab States, feminist theory, globalized higher education, and Indian Ocean connectivities.

Her Lafayette journey: Prof. Vora joined the Lafayette faculty in 2012 as assistant professor of anthropology. Since then, she has taught courses in not only anthropology and sociology, but also women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, including Sex and Gender, Muslim Girls, and Gender in the Muslim and Arab Worlds. She also teaches Anthropology of Education and Theories of Society for the A&S department, among other offerings. During her time at Lafayette, she has served as chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee, and she was a Posse scholar for the New York class of 2020.

What she’ll be teaching in the fall: Prof. Vora will be on leave for the fall 2022 semester.

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