Dan Huang smiles

My background: “My area of study includes the durability of performance of concretes, multiscale characteristics, and the development of sustainable construction materials. Over the past few years, I worked on several local department of transportation (INDOT) projects on applying nanotechnology to construction materials. I have attended and presented my research at several conferences. Several publications are out, and more are on the way resulting from my previous research. During my six years at Purdue University, I was also actively involved in teaching services. I am the recipient of the Lyles Teaching Assistantship Award (2019), ACPA Concrete Pavement and Materials Science Fellowship (2020), Nellie Munson Teaching Assistant Award (2020), and William L. Dolch Graduate Scholarship (2021) from the Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Introduction to Engineering”

What students can expect from me: “Learning and teaching are always highly valuable to both students and instructors. To me, I will always do my best to make sure to enlighten and inspire students in class sessions. Discussion and reflection are encouraged during my class, and I will provide opportunities for students to provide feedback so the class can evolve better to benefit both the students and myself in a better-structured way.”

Why I’m excited to be here: “At Lafayette, sustainability, inclusion, and engagement are highly encouraged. I believe academia must strive to expand diversity with a more inclusive approach (welcoming and embracing different socioeconomic, ethnic, gender groups, etc.) and create a broader pool of thought processes and worldviews. I am excited to explore more valuable teaching experiences at Lafayette.”

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