Enrico Bruno smilesMy background: “I study American literature from the mid-19th century to today, with an emphasis on the African American literary tradition, postplantation studies, and queer literature and history.” 

This fall I’m teaching: “Academic Writing, Introduction to Queer Literature, and an English course with a long title, (Post)Plantation Literatures: Reckoning with and Resisting the Legacies of the Plantation.”

What students can expect from me: “As an instructor, I value active participation, discussion, and collaboration—not only between students, but also with campus resources, the local community, etc. Students in my courses should be ready to engage deeply with class materials and the classroom community.”

Why I’m excited to be here: “Wherever I teach, I am always most excited to share the readings and lessons that have most impacted my thinking, and to see how students learn and grow from these materials. I feel especially fortunate to do that here at Lafayette, where I can integrate my work in the classroom with the Easton community. And I also appreciate the beautiful view of the New Jersey hills from my office window!”

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