Jesse Greenlee smiles

Greenlee was a visiting assistant professor at Kenyon College before coming to Lafayette.

I study: “My areas of focus are developmental psychology, family psychology, and neurodiversity. I study how individual characteristics and characteristics of a person’s environment (e.g., family and personal relationships) are associated with mental health outcomes, specifically in neurodiverse children and their families. I also love quantitative methods and statistics, and have taught courses in those areas at both the undergraduate and graduate student levels.”

Why? “Families are a keystone of child development, particularly for neurodiverse children. I have always been interested in understanding how families exert their influence on development so that we can help both families and kids live happy, healthy lives.” 

This fall I’m teaching: “Design and Analysis I” 

What students can expect of me: “Students can expect to take ownership over their own learning in my classes, which focuses heavily on collaborative and project-based learning. I ask a lot of questions during my lectures and often integrate activities in which students practice applying the material they are learning.”

I’m excited to be here because: “I went to a liberal arts college myself and am thrilled to be back in this kind of environment that values student engagement in the classroom and in the laboratory.”

Getting to know me: “I have two dogs, Lela and Lucy, who run my house. I also love watching college football.”

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