Jun-Kyu Byun smiles

My background: “I am originally from South Korea. I came to the United States when I was 16 years old as a high school exchange student. I have met great American host families who cared for me to continue my education in the United States for many years. Most of my schools I have attended are located in the midwest (Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio). This will be my farthest move away from Indiana, where my education started 18 years ago. Right before joining Lafayette, I was a Ph.D. graduate student at Ohio State University.’ 

This fall I’m teaching: “General chemistry”

What students can expect from me: “I hope that my students feel my positive and enthusiastic energy that I bring to my classes. I want my students to feel welcome and safe to learn together as a whole.”  

I’m excited to be here because: “This will be a great learning experience for me as well as a first-time teaching experience in college. I will get to develop my own teaching philosophy and try new things in the classroom. Also, I love our beautiful campus to walk around.”

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