Justin Mullikin smiles

My background: ”I am a human-environment geographer specializing in environmental governance, agrarian change, critical development studies, and the place-making practices of community. In both my scholarship and methods, I focus on the various ways humans relationally ascribe value to the non-human world, including a range of areas such as political economy, the poetics of landscape, GIS, and cartography. Prior to studying at Rutgers, I lived and worked in Rwanda for an agricultural development NGO for six years.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Introduction to the Environment, and I’m co-teaching the capstone course in Environmental Studies”

What students can expect of me: “My students can expect me to be excited about everything I learn along with them. They can expect to encounter a diversity of viewpoints from across the sciences, arts, and humanities. They can expect to be respected, as learners and as teachers in their own right.”

I’m excited to be here because: “I am excited to teach at Lafayette because it reminds me a lot of where I went to undergrad, and I know how impactful a liberal arts education can be. I’m excited to repay, in a way, the attentive education and mentorship I received from my professors.”

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