Michael Dougherty smiles

I study: My research is in the overlap between the areas of topology, combinatorics, and group theory. I am especially interested in the theory of braids and its many appearances throughout mathematics. In my teaching, I am also interested in the interactions between mathematics and social justice.”

Why? “I have always been interested in studying questions about shape and symmetry, and this field allows me to study these ideas in many different contexts. More importantly, I found a supportive mathematical community in this area, which I think is an essential part of academic work.”

This fall I’m teaching:Math 162: Calculus II and Math 358: Topology”

What students can expect from me: I always hope to make my classroom a supportive environment where all of my students feel encouraged to collaborate and learn.”

I’m excited to be here because: I’ve always been interested in small academic communities like Lafayette (I also went to a small liberal arts college as an undergraduate), and I love being able to engage more frequently and directly with my students.”

Getting to know me: I like practicing Aikido, playing games (board and video), and listening to music.”

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