Patrick O'Halloran smilesI study:I do historical research on the ways foreignness becomes political, and around the question, ‘What is xenophobia?’ My present focus is colonial and contemporary South Africa. This research comes out of my earlier work on grassroots movements and my experiences of activism to support immigrants in South Africa. My interests in African history include colonialism and decolonization, mobility and migration, and popular political movements.”

This fall I’m teaching: “HIST 105: History of the Modern World, and HIST 375: Narratives of Colonialism in South Africa”

What students can expect from me:My students can expect to be asked questions that encourage them to really think, using historical knowledge and the discipline of history. I have a sincere interest in their ideas and perspectives. I also bring my cross-cultural, international experience of living, working, and doing historical research in South Africa and Ireland.”

I’m excited to be here because:I am thrilled to have the opportunity to offer classes about Africa to Lafayette’s students. I look forward to figuring out ways for Lafayette students to interact with scholars working in different African contexts. I am glad to be working at a college with a sense of community and living in a small, interesting city.”

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