Zachary Brander smilesMy background: “I studied anthropology and Spanish during my undergraduate years, and colonial and contemporary Latin American literatures and cultures during my master’s program at Texas Tech University. My dissertation, also at Texas Tech, focuses on relationships between contemporary cultural production in the Maya language of Yucatan and cultural criticism. My research is in contemporary cultural production in Maaya (“Yucatec”). My secondary area of research is in early-modern, transatlantic studies in the Spanish-speaking world.”

This fall I’m teaching: “Intermediate Spanish and Texts and Contexts: Latin American Literature post 20th century”

What students can expect from me: “Empathy, patience, and a passion for asking better questions over providing the ‘the best’ answers. I’m a first-generation academic with a nontraditional background and humble, small-town beginnings. I am quick to respond to students’ needs and prioritize their learning first and foremost.”

I’m excited to be here because: “I am excited about the changes in environment, culture, and campus size after studying at a large university in west Texas for many years. I am excited knowing that Lafayette students are exceptional, curious learners. I am excited about collaborating with passionate and caring faculty to develop new endeavors and co-construct creative solutions to improve older ones.”

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