By Bryan Hay

Members of the student-run Lafayette Outdoors Society held their annual “Lostgiving” feast Dec. 4 on a sun-swept summit along a scenic stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

“It’s basically a holiday celebration in two parts,” says club president Christopher Good ’24 (civil engineering, minor in environmental science). “On the night before, we all get together and go to someone’s on-campus house with a good kitchen and try to prepare and emulate a traditional holiday meal.”

This year’s spread included rotisserie chickens, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, fruit pies, and apple cider.

The next day, club members pack tables, chairs, and propane cook stoves to heat the meal, and carry the gear and food up the mountain. Totts Gap was the destination on Dec. 4, which offered a mild day to enjoy the flat, rocky summit with sweeping views of the Delaware River below.

“Usually, most things we eat cold, which is, you know, not the best,” Good says. “But it’s better when we heat up the gravy and pour it on everything. That makes it slightly less cold.

“It was right under 50 degrees this year, sunny and no wind,” he adds. “So pretty fantastic. In years past, we have done it in the rain, which is never as much fun. Sometimes we have to hide under a tarp, and it’s freezing cold. But for a December weekend, it was pretty fantastic.”

Lafayette Outdoors Society members enjoyed “Lostgiving” at Totts Gap

Lafayette Outdoors Society members enjoyed “Lostgiving” at Totts Gap

The Lafayette Outdoors Society, one of about 150 student clubs at Lafayette, has nearly 100 active members and offers about four events a week during the semester, including rock climbing, cycling, and hiking. There’s no requirement to join the club, other than a love of the outdoors and a $10 membership fee, Good says.

“Going outside and doing literally anything is a mental health party,” he says. “You don’t have to think about anything else, especially now, with finals week. Getting outside is super important. There are numerous articles that have shown that getting outside is a mentally beneficial thing if you can do it consistently. 

“So our goal is to give people an opportunity to get outside experiences that they might not be able to do on their own time, a chance to relax and unwind,” Good says. 


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