The full list of 14 modules that were part of the fall 2022 Connected Classrooms program:

  • NEUR 401 Advanced Neuroscience
    Professor: Tamara Stawicki
    Elementary teacher: Tina Joynes
    Paxinosa Elementary School, Fifth grade
  • EVST215 Environmental Policy
    Professor: Ernest Nkansah-Dwamena
    Elementary teacher: Rebecca Haller
    Cheston Elementary School, Fifth grade
  • MATH 287 Intro to Data Modeling
    Professor: Trent Gaugler
    Elementary teacher: Jackie Torres
    Paxinosa Elementary, First grade
  • MATH 186 Applied Statistics
    Professor: Trent Gaugler
    Elementary teacher: Allison Antonson
    Cheston Elementary, Third grade
  • ECON 410 Computational Stimulation of Markets and Behavior
    Professor: Chris Ruebeck
    Elementary teacher: Tanya Vasquez
    Cheston Elementary, Fifth grade
  • ECON 202 Introduction to Environmental Economics
    Professor: Hongxing Liu
    Elementary teacher: Suzanne Dailey
    Paxinosa Elementary, Fourth grade
  • FYS 117 Demonstrating Science
    Professor: Zoe Boekelheide
    Elementary teacher: Anneily Guiterrez
    Cheston Elementary, Fifth grade
  • CE 321 Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science
    Professor: Leena Shevade
    Elementary teacher: Lorenzo Molina
    Paxinosa Elementary, Fourth grade
  • PSYC 242 Educational Psychology
    Professor: Lauren Myers
    Elementary teacher: Michelle Gifford
    Paxinosa Elementary, Second grade
  • CHE 413: Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design
    Professor: Michael Senra
    Elementary teacher: Dave Frinzi
    Paxinosa Elementary, Fourth grade
  • ES 232 Biomaterials Science
    Professor: Ryan Van Horn
    Elementary teacher: Krista Yetter
    Cheston Elementary, Fifth grade
  • Modules at Cheston, Fifth grade
    Professors: Meg Rothenberger and
    Zoe Boekelheide
    Elementary teachers: Anniely Guiterrez and Suzanne Wells
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  1. Nancy De Vries Nicholas '76 says:

    I am so excited that the Lafayette and Easton students get to experience these wonderful educational experiences together.
    46 years ago, as a Lafayette student, I went to visit a first grade classroom at Cheston Elementary School as an assignment for Edu 101 with the first female professor at Lafayette–Clay Ketcham. I loved working with these first grade students and after completing my week assignment, I volunteered for 2 more years. This experience made me realize how much I really wanted to be an Early Childhood Educator. After graduating from Lafayette, I attended George Peabody College of Education of Vanderbilt University for my masters degree. I came back to Easton and taught kindergarten for 30+ years!

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