The course: INDS 281 | London and Dublin Theater

The experience: In this immersive interim course, 24 students experienced various theatrical styles, genres, and forms found in London and Dublin, all while exploring the culture in both cities. Led by Alexander Owens, technical director in theater, and Suzanne Westfall, professor and department head of theater, students enjoyed 14 performances—including plays, musicals, pantomimes, and stand-up comedy— and completed a tour of and participated in a workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Explorations also included: the Roman Baths, a thermae in Bath, U.K.; Tara Hill, the seat of High Kings of Ireland in County Meath, Ireland; and Newgrange, a Stone Age passage tomb predating the pyramids in County Meath, Ireland.

“Each time we run the program, the participating students range from theater majors to those who have never seen a professional theatrical production,” shares Owens. “On each trip, two powerful things happen: The theater majors become leaders of the course, engaging and teaching those students with limited theatrical experience, and those students with limited theatrical experience learn to love and appreciate theater.”

“This study abroad experience provided me with a brand new perspective on a new field and new culture. I can see things differently, but also understand things differently—for the better—thanks to my experience abroad,” shares Hector Morales ’24.

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